We are thrilled to announce our newest partnership with Seven Weeks Coffee, a pro-life coffee company that donates 10% of every sale to pregnancy care centers across the country, now including ours!

With something as simple as drinking your daily cup of coffee, you now have the opportunity to support our efforts of serving women in need and protecting the life of their pre-born babies. When you purchase a bag of coffee through this link, 10% will be donated to our center!

Because of your generous support over the years, we have been able to serve more than 2000 women every year. But as you know, the need is great, because after almost 50 years of debate, the national mood is shifting. People understand more than ever that abortion is not a solution- and that we can do better. That’s why pregnancy care centers like ours are becoming overwhelmed with need, and we want to be ready to step up.  

This partnership with Seven Weeks Coffee will help us do just that. When you purchase through this link, Care Net Pregnancy Center Of Cochise County will receive 10% of your purchase—every time! 

Seven Weeks Coffee was founded less than a year ago, and to date, they’ve been able to donate thousands of dollars to pregnancy care centers across the country. Now, we are a part of their partnership program, and you can support Care Net Pregnancy Center by simply ordering a bag of coffee.

Join us today and make your first purchase. Follow the link here to order their delicious, Specialty Coffee. By doing so you will have a tangible impact on protecting life.

We hope you join us in letting your coffee serve a greater purpose. Lives will be saved, guaranteed. 

We are thankful for your ongoing support and look forward to partnering with you through your morning cup of coffee!